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Summer Delights

Summer Delights

Farm fresh strawberries

Late summer nights turning into late summer mornings

Sunshine and tan lines

A summer breeze carrying the scent of hay basking in the afternoon sun

Vibrant Farmers Market flowers

Thrills and shrills at the County Fair

That first refreshing sip of a perfect iced coffee

Sweet smoky scent of roasted marshmallow

Crackle of ocean-side bonfires

Sandy pages of beach reads and magazines

Light, flowy sundresses

Driving with the windows down, hair blowing in the wind, blasting country music

Backyard barbeque fellowship

Fruity, fresh, and tropical candle escapes

When the back porch turns into the living room, family room, dining room, and play room

The crunch of trail gravel under an afternoon bicycle ride

Splashes and laughs from the pool

The zip of tent flaps and campsite gatherings

Rooftop jamborees

Bright toenail polish celebrating sandal season

Boom! Crack! Pop! of Fourth of July

Beachside ice cream cones

Walking into the dusk with loved ones

Reuniting over summer adventures

Cotton candy skies

Petunia Perfume

Glow of dune grass at sunset

My daughter’s golden sun-kissed highlights

Trees bursting with every shade of green

Reminiscing over summers of yesteryear

New adventures to explore

Sunset’s fragrance

Cold, crisp watermelon

The trickle and gurgle of summer’s relaxed streams

Laughter on the playground

Defying the dark and playing into the summer nights

The scent of slathered tropical sunscreen

Cool relief of an evening breeze

Country road detours

Sun-ripened fruit jewels

The hope and pride of red, white and blue

Creeks and thumps of boardwalk strolls

Wildflowers swaying in the breeze

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