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Hi! I’m Christina

My Abundance

Among the evergreens, my husband and I raise our young family to love our neighbors, celebrate the small things, cling tight to God and each other in the storms, and always seek the blessings to be grateful for. We have a sweet goofy little boy who just loves making people smile, and a little firecracker of a daughter who always keeps us on our toes. Our kiddos bring us so much joy, and never stop teaching us what love is really about. Hand in hand, my husband and I explore this life adventure together, loving this life of abundance we’ve been given!

My Writing

The night I started writing again, I was laying with my young daughter, and she was snuggling close and fell asleep in my arms. What a moment that was! She has always been incredibly independent and not one to cuddle, but as we rested, I treasured every rare minute, so thankful for the peace we found together.

It was then that I was overcome with the love God was wrapping around me like a blanket, and the lesson He was trying to teach me in that moment. With my daughter asleep next to me, I started jotting down my thoughts in the quiet of an old wood-paneled living room. Ever since, I’ve kept my heart open to how I might encounter the divine in the ordinary. When those sweet lessons become so clear for me to see, just like that night, I start writing my thoughts, and share them with you.

My Evergreen

I am so inspired by this beautiful land I call home, the majestic and fierce Pacific Northwest! There is probably no greater place where I connect with my Creator and marvel at His beauty, then out exploring His handiwork in nature. Through powerful and rugged coastline, and gentle rolling hills, snowcapped peaks, and vibrant desert, He tells a story of His love for us, all we have to do is look around and look up. Here in the Upper Left as you gaze upward, there is no shortage of firs, pines, cedars, and spruce scraping the skies. These gorgeous evergreens provide strength and shelter from the seasons, remain resilient and steady, and fill the land around us with life and color when everything else can seem drab and dormant. Remind you of someone? It is my wish that here you find the true everlasting Evergreen, our Heavenly Father. May you also experience His abundance of protection and strength, steadfast love and power, and vibrant everlasting life.

My Hope

Let’s share life together. Let’s walk together in the ordinary days that come our way. Let’s not get so caught up in the day to day, that we no longer see God’s blessings, beauty, and love in the everyday moments. My hope, is that when we can see God at work in all the little things, we will never question His presence and love in the big things.

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